1.     Cannot point to the bathroom: If the guest requests directions to the bathroom, do not point to were it is, walk them to the bathroom unless you are the only one at the front desk.

2.     Say, “No”: Do not use the word “No.” Instead of saying “No” offer a solution. Example: Guest is 25 minutes late and wants her full facial. Do not say, “No!” it cannot be done, offer solutions. “I can offer you a express facial or reschedule your visit for another time and when you will be able to receive your full service.”

3.     Say, “not a problem.”

4.     Make blind phone transfers to another front desk person: When you transfer a phone call, let the front desk person know who the caller is and the nature of the phone call.

5.     Over share with guest: Example: Keep the guest informed if things are running behind schedule. Do not keep the guest sitting there and guessing.

6.     Gossip: Absolutely no gossip allowed at the front desk.

7.     Criticize other team members: Do not say or speak critically regarding anyone while you’re sitting at the front desk.

8.     Show frustration publicly: Do not exhibit your frustration publicly by either making a face or cursing or saying something rude.

9.     Follow the Dress Code.

10. Criticize competitors: Do not bad mouth any competitor in any way, shape or form.

11. Do not accept “fine or okay” from a guest who is asked how was everything today. Dig deeper and find out why the guest was not happy. Find out the REAL reason and then use that to turn the guest experience around.

12. Do not say, “I don’t know.” Instead say, “Let me find out for you.” “Let me see what I can do.”

13. Do not say, “You’re Welcome.” Instead say, “My Pleasure.”

14. Do NOT have a conversation with a coworker, in front of a guest, that is unrelated to the guest.

15. Eat anything at the front desk: No food on any nature, including fruits, nuts or snack bars are allowed to be consumed at the front desk. All food must be consumed in the staff room or outside the spa.

16. Chewing gum is NOT allowed at the front desk.

17. Not meet dress code standards provided to you in the Spa Dress Code Sheet. You must adhere to the spa dress code policy at all times.

18. Do not wear shoes that make a noise while walking. Soft rubber soled shoes are the only shoes allowed at the spa. We do not wish guests to complain that the hear team members walking back and forth while they are trying to relax and receive their massage.