As front desk you hold one of most important positions at The Red and White Spa. You are the first impression the client receives of our spa. It is always important to give the best impression possible so that our guests are eager to come in. 

Phone call steps 

When answering the phone we have 10 standard steps to ensure all aspects of booking are covered as well as guaranteeing a good experience. You must follow these steps when scheduling a service. 

  1. Greeting: Answer all phone calls with our greeting "Red and White Spa this is name. How can I make your day better?"
  2. Location: Which location would you like to visit ?
  3. Name: What is your name ? Make sure to mention the guests name at least three times durning the call.
  4. What: What service were you interested in scheduling ?
  5. Who: Which therapist/esthetician do you prefer? If they request a therapist please make sure to mark down that it is a request. This is crucial as we always move appointments around to accommodate requests however moving a client from a therapist they requested will result in our guest being very upset. Our guests book in advance for special events, we must be considerate of their time and their overall experience.
  6. When: When did you want to visit us?
  7. Promo: Mention any promotion we are currently having
  8. Repeat Back: Repeat all details of the appointment back to the guest. This will ensure everything is correct. 
  9. Anything Else: Ask the guest if there is anything else you can help them with. This will increase the possibility of them adding another service.  
  10. Closing: We close all calls with "Thank you for choosing The Red & White Spa, have a wonderful day" 

When booking a service make sure to take a credit card for every appointment. There are no exceptions to this policy. We are a very busy spa and it is unfair to our therapists when our guests cancel last minute. Please make sure to inform all our guests about the cancellation policy and make note of it in their appointment. 

  • If a client says she is on the go and can’t provide a card at that moment but will call back in 5 minutes, let them know that you cannot hold the appointment for them but will gladly book it in 5 minutes when they return the call. 

We are a growing brand and have multiple locations. Guests may call Red & White Spa to book a service and  mistakenly call the wrong location. Notify and confirm the location where you are booking the service with guest.  

We book most of our services in a way that we can maximize the amount of guests that visit us in a day. 

  • Massages and Facials are booked on the hour, no exceptions
  • We have a special lash schedule, we book at 11:00AM, 12:30AM, 2:00PM, 3:30PM, 5:00PM and 6:30PM. Please make sure to always book at these times.
  • If you receive an alert of an online booking for a time outside of our normal lash schedule please call the client immediately as following this schedule lets us maximize the number of guests we can accommodate.  
  • Most of our wax technicians take about 30 minutes for a Brazilian. Please try to book brasilians together to maximize our schedule.
    • Anna and Dominika at Broome St are the only technicians who can provide a Brazilian in 15 minutes.

Please keep in mind how many couples massages can be done at the same time. DO NOT book more than one couples Massage at the same time as we only have one couples massage room. If a client is booking two massages at the same time please verify if it is a couples massage.  

When a client mentions they have a voucher say "That is no problem at all client name, I will be needing your voucher number and confirm the location of your voucher". It is important for our guests to know that we treat all our guests the same rather they have a voucher or not. We accept vouchers at all our locations. Each location runs their own deal.  Please keep in mind that our Broome St location only accepts vouchers meant for Broome St this is why we want to confirm the location displayed on the voucher.

When booking a eyelash service in Broome St please remember that Beverly does not accept new clients. If a new client insists on seeing Beverly you must approve this with her. There is an additional $25 fee as she is our most requested lash technician. 

Our closing Statement for ending all calls is "Thank You for choosing The Red & White Spa, Have a good day".