Client Satisfaction is always our priority! 

Open the door for our guests. Help with kids by offering them cookies anda paper & pen to draw with. Do little things to make our guests happy. Our goal is to provide our clients with the upmost experience. Remember we want to be the most cherished part of their day. 

Do little things to create a warm and personal client experience. If they like a certain chocolate we carry, give them some for on the go. Remember details about them by putting it on the notes and using this information when they arrive. 

ALWAYS SMILE there will be difficult clients however we don’t know what the guest is going through in their personal life. It is best to smile and try to rectify any situation. 

Keep in mind we are not here to just provide a spa service, we want to deliver a one of a kind experience to each guest at our spa.

Guest Experience Cycle



Phone Call

Service Defects
Missing clients phone call
Not having a pleasant phone voice
Not confirming phone number before ending call
Rushing through call
Not using client’s name
Not confirming date and time of appointment
Having bad verbal skills
If someone calls to cancel you don’t offer to reschedule their appointment

Standard Service
Answering the call within the first or second ring with “Red & White Spa this is _____. How can i make your day better ?”
Use guests name 2-3 times
Confirm client’s phone number before ending call
Answering any questions guest has
Confirm the date and time when booking an appointment
Confirm services client is having done
Offer directions to salon if client is new
Before hanging up ask, “Is there is anything else I may help you with today?”
Service, time, and date repeated back and confirmed. Ex. “Ok Mrs. Smith, your appointmentis Thursday, at 6PM for a Swedish Massage .
If client wants to cancel, offer a new date and time that will work better for them
Ask how the client was referred to salon
Send text to remind client of their future appointments
Send emails and post cards to remind client of future appointments

Above & Beyond 
Personalize phone call if you recognize name on caller ID
Ask if they are celebrating a special occasion when booking
Thank client for calling and let them know they should be pleased with the services
If a new client calls, explain a little of the stylists background and education
Offer 10min chair massage if therapist is open.  
Pull up client history to personalize the call “Would you like to see _______ again?” “Would you like the Glamour look again?”
Front desk makes client notes to deliver great customer service


Standard Defect 
Not being greeted upon arrival
Pointing to waiting area
Not giving new clients a data sheet to fill out
Not smiling/Cold greeting
Not offering beverage
Not complimenting client
Not using client’s name
Not reading pop up notes/appointment notes
Not showing client where everything is/tour
Guest care is talking to coworker when guest walks in
Stylist is unaware the client is waiting

When client walks in greet enthusiastically with a smile within eight seconds, regardless of the task at hand
Walk client to waiting area
Every new client fill out client data sheet/update existing client information
Let them know their stylist will be with them shortly, using their name at least once
When therapist greets the client, shake hands while making eye contact
Introduce yourself letting them know you will be doing their service today. Let them know how nice it is to meet them
Give new clients a tour of the spa
Have a short conversation with new clients to make them feel comfortable
Compliment client
When asked where the restroom is located, walk them back to it instead of giving them direction

Above & Beyond
Open the door for client
Help with kids by offering them cookies and a paper & pen to draw with

Pre service

Service Defects
Rushed consultation
Not having a nice, clean room prior to servicing client
Not setting up for services
Not explaining products used to clients
If client needs to wait longer not offering book or magazine
Not understanding client

Thorough consultation, asking client what they like and dislike about skin or lashes, offer descriptive solutions
Doing the full client journey consultation from start to finish
Station is set up and clean for service
Offer beverage and magazine “Can I get you anything before we get started?”
Client is aware and comfortable with service process
Price quote when doing services
Up sell additional services if therapists schedule permits it
Make sure clients personal items are in a place
Get eye level with the client so they don’t feel intimidated

Above & Beyond
Make a plan with client on what the next two services for them will be
Show/explain different lash looks or massages 


Service Defects
Not being on time
Not listening
Calling client by wrong name
Talking to other employees without including client in conversation
Slamming doors while clients are in service

Always be on time for next appointment
Ask about recent vacation/children etc.
Inform client about products
Repeat clients name 3 times throughout visit
Provide skin/lash aftercare instructions
Suggest other services
Check in with client. Get to know clients personally (connect)
Keeping secrecy making sure the client is comfortable with sharing information with you
Educate client every single step of the way

Above & Beyond
Provide card if someone got married, had a baby or graduated
Compliment on client’s lashes and skin, instead of focusing on what is bad or needs to be fixed
Go into detail with new clients about your education and experience
Explain trends for next season

Post Service 

Service Defects
Therapist not pre-booking
Therapist making client unsure/not confident in their ability to provide great service
Leaving client with questions or unsatisfied service
Not recommending products

Asking how client likes their services today
Give client an exact day you would like them return for their next services
Coach client on products used
Explain & use referral program to build clientele and offer their friends great services
Suggest future add on services for next visit
Offer client a beverage/magazine for client to relax post service
Walk client up to the front desk
Compliment client on new look
Inform client of services that can be done in between visits
Re-educating client about products and after care
Ask them if they love their skin/lashes and how they feel
Let them know it was a pleasure to service them upon closing

Above & Beyond Therapists goes over complete service

Offer make up tips for new Lashes

Selfie wall for lashes