You are paid every 2 weeks thru ADP

You may elect to receive your wages via direct deposit or check

If you wish to receive it via direct deposit you must provide:

Bank Name

Account Type (Checking or Saving)

Routing Number

Account Number

Training Period

Front Desk team members must train for 4 days before they can receive and check in guests. You are paid for the training days. However, if you choose to leave / quit within the first month, you will NOT be paid for those 4 training days.


All commissions are submitted on the 2nd of every month and paid on the 7th of every month.

Must fill out commission sheets to receive commissions. No exceptions.

If you leave / quit in within the month, you will NOT be paid commission for that month. Must finish month to receive commission for that month.

Cash Bonuses

We offer CASH bonuses on certain days if you hit your goals for that day. Cash bonuses are paid at the end of that day. They cannot be added to monthly commission sheets.