Everything we do at Red & White Spa permeates through these four words. We make all our decisions based on them.

Intimate, Attentive, Consistent Family

Our core values are the key factors we look for in our employees and our day-to-day approach to our jobs and our lives. These values add to the feeling, quality, and delivery of all that is the Red & White Spa.

Consistent quality is priority in everything we do. We take an intimate approach and accommodate each person’s individual needs. We promise to provide excellent service with warmth and love. We educate and inspire our clients to bring health and peace into their lives.

Our staff must be exceptional, talented and share these core values. Our family atmosphere provides an escape from daily life. We have result-oriented services that have been thoughtfully crafted to create a unique experience.

We are a family of people that are working together to create a more peaceful world with these core values ALWAYS in mind.

Everything we do and how we act is based on these premises. If all else fails, back up, take a deep breath and remember the above. We can share the above when we ourselves are centered, peaceful, and healthy as well.

Your job at the Front Desk could easily be considered “workflow managers.” It is your job to make sure that the clients are put into the system in a timely and efficient manner, the therapists know they’ve been assigned a service, keep the therapists running on time, and making sure the client needs are cared for. The client should be supplied with water or tea, is seated comfortably, and provided with a Guest Care form.

You assist in keeping the spa tidy, attractive and delegate tasks to the therapists as necessary. You communicate any questions or concerns to management.