BE ready

Always be cautious of check in and out times! This implies that if it is close to a time were a client will be coming in or checking out, be ready for them.

  • If it is the weekend make sure to have enough mimosas prepared.
  • Don't huddle up in a group and talk, it is very uncomfortable for a clint to walk in and feel as if they are interrupting you.
  • Please leave you phone away as again it is not professional for the clients to see you using it. 



The check in of every guest is important as it is the first face to face impression they have of our spa. This is the beginning of their experience with us and as always we want that to be a great one. there are  steps to provide a present and professional check in to the spa. 

Check in steps 

  1. SMILE: As soon as a guest walks in the door give them a genuine welcoming smile.  
  2. GREETING: As soon as a guest walks in the door smile and say "Hello, Welcome to  The Red & White Spa! How can we help you today?". Please make eye contact with the guests and pay attention to what they are telling you.
  3. NAME: Ask the guests "What name is your reservation under?" please be sure to use the clients name at least 3 more times. 
  4. CONFIRMATION: It is important to make sure there aren't any mistakes in our schedule ask the guest "Can I confirm the service you are receiving today?". Make sure they are scheduled for what ever service they tell you and if now accommodate the guest accordingly.
  5. SERVICE PROVIDER: Once you have confirmed the service inform the guest of who they will be seeing say "Name will be taking care of you today." after that complement the service provider make the client excited to start his/her service. 
  6. GETTING READY: Make sure your guest is ready before he/she begins. Give them the pre service form for them to fill out. Make sure they are comfortable ask "Is there anything you need? May I offer you a beverage some cookies or chocolate?"
  7. FIRST TIMERS: If it is a clients first time with us make them feel comfortable. Inform them where the rest room is and ask them if they have any questions about our spa. Also please welcome say " May i get you some champagne or wine to celebrate your first time here?"   
  8. SERVICE PROVIDER: After the guest is situated inform the service provider that their guest has arrived. let them know the guests name and inform them of any details they need to know before they begin. 
  9. ON GOING: If your therapist is running late update the guest. Apologize and inform them the estimated time they will need to wait. It important to build an honest relationship with out clients. Make sure the client is comfortable the remainder of the wait. 



Check out is important as it gives the last impression and the feeling the guest will have once they leave our spa. It is also the opportunity you have to rectify any unhappy experience or issue for our guest.

Check out steps

  1. NAME:  If you don't remember the guest name say "May I have your name please". Then make sure to say her name during the remainder of your interaction with them. 
  2. RELAX: Offer the guest to sit in our waiting area and relax after the service say "Name please feel free to relax in out waiting area as long as you'd like. We have wifi and could get you something to drink or a treat"  
  3. SATISFACTION: Ask the guest "How was your experience with us today?". Don't take an "okay" or "fine" as an answer, make sure the client always receives an above and beyond experience. If they are not happy help them turn the experience around.  
  4. SALE: Once you know the guest is happy. Show them our packages, if it is their first time be sure to tell them that this is the only time they have to get the first timer offer. Inform them of the benefits of our package. Let them know about our membership and gift cards. Don't be too pushy we want all our clients to leave content.   
  5. GRATUITY: Give the guest the envelope that belongs to the correct therapist and for the correct service. When handing it to them say "Here is the envelop for therapist name with the suggested gratuity". If they had a promotion say "Here is the envelop for therapist name with the suggested gratuity based on the original price of the service". 
  6. PAYMENT: Open their ticket. Add any tips, fees, upgrades, products or sales to the invoice. Once you are don't say "Your total today will be $, How would you like to pay for todays service?". if they give you a credit card inform them again before you run it and make sure you save the card to their profile. If they have a voucher, go into the merchant center and redeem it. Make sure they received the correct service. Do not assume the guest has a voucher and ask for it, this is very unprofessional and if they guest is paying full price they may request you honor them an online deal. At the end of payment provide the guest with a recipe either a printed version or by email.
  7. REBOOK: It is important for the client to book before they leave. This way we can guarantee they will return. Another reason is we are a very busy spa and we want to make sure they get the time that is best for their schedule. This is specially important for lash clients and holiday season. Once you client has finished paying ask them "Would you like to schedule your next visit today? It can guarantee you a a time that best fits your schedule.". If yes book the according to our policies, if they need a lash touch up inform them of the 2-3 week period and book accordingly. 
  8. ANYTHING ELSE: At the very end say "Is there anything else I can help you with?". Make sure you have resolved any issues the client had and gave the guest any aftercare instructions if needed by a service. 
  9. GOODBYE: Once your client is all done and ready to leave be sure to thank them for visiting and give them a warm good bye. Be sure the guest had a above and beyond experience before you let them walk out the door.